Welcome to Harriman PC Repair, PC repair for Maine's Bangor Area done right! We offer quality sevice and parts at reasonable prices, quick turn around times so you can get back to your cyber activies faster, and qualified computer technicians with multiple well-known certifications. Regardless of your operating system we will help you solve your computer needs.

At Harriman PC Repair only the highest quality parts are sold for the most reasonable prices making sure your computer will stay running longer for less! We take our time to fix your computer with quality not quantity!

Harriman PC Repair has one of the quickest turn around times in the area while accepting some of the widest ranges of services. We will keep you up to date about what is going on with your computer, letting you know if anything changes and what actions may need to be taken to resolve unexpected issues that appear during service.

Harriman PC Repair couldn't be a success without a qualified computer technician working on your computers making sure to pay attention to every detail. Any technician working on your computer will keep you up to date whenever possible about anything going on with your computer and before any action is taken that will affect your service you will be asked for permission add a service to repair the issue to your bill.

Harriman PC Repair has experience with Windows, Mac, and Linux giving you a full range of platforms to get troubleshooting and repairs for without having to worry about going to a specific repair shop for certain computers! We also will work on certain mobile devices.